What is #KingGunz Quarterback School? At our #KingGunz QB Schools, QB coaches from King QB Academy from Dallas, Tx to your city to teach the finer aspects of Quarterback play. #KingGunz is not your ordinary Quarterback Camp. At King QB Academy, we don't take your athlete through your traditional factory workshop of taking (100) - 3 step and 5 step drops. We don't line up a group of fifty athletes and throw routes. #KingGunz is a specialized small group QB training program. We strive to give each individual QB the tools he needs to be successful. #KingGunz consists of (4) sessions throughout the weekend. Each session focuses on a specific principle towards building a better and more efficient passer. The #KngGunz weekend is littered with numerous competitions to cultivate a fun and competitive environment. The first session primarily focuses on analyzing each quarterback and diagnosing room for improvement. From there we take the morning to teach proper base and setup. We teach young athletes how to use their entire body to generate power and accuracy throwing the football. We finish the morning session with a workshop on how to throw with touch. After a lunch break we return in the afternoon for our second session.