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Parent living through their kids

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)

I've met a lot of parents who pushed their kids to the point the child willl shut down during a training session. They even hate playing the game that they're playing. This doesn't benefit the child nor the trainer. When I first started this business, one of my first school age clients dad got in contact with me through a mutual friend and his first response to me after I asked what can I do for you was, "I want my child to be a Heisman Candidate when he a senior in college". The first thing I thought was that this kid is in the 7th grade and how do we know that he wants to play in high school or in college. Well as I started training the kid at 6 am, as his father had him working out before school started for 6 days a week. I completely stopped that routine and met up with the kid for 3 times a week during the season in the afternoon and weekends. When we were alone working, the kid was awesome at working out. Giving me the best hour that he could give, but when dad was there, he would shut it down and the training was a long hour. Dad was never an athlete and he just wanted his son to play a year or two in the NFL and he could start his own business or use the NFL logo to help get a job or whatever. But as the student got into high school, he played a lot his senior year. I started helping him with his recruiting which he could pick a school with both great SAT/ ACT test scores. He choice to stay in state, had surgery on his wrist, never tried walking on at his university. Dad asked me to talk with him and try to influence his son to walk on. Well I did contact the son, he said in so many words that he was not into playing (organized) football again. I could hear it in his voice. I had a college coach that said " Either you're a football player, or a player playing football". Which are you? Which one is your child? You need to ask that question with any sport or activity that you have your child doing.