King QB Academy  focuses on the details of the Quarterback position. We focus on the footwork, stance, throwing mechanics, accuracy, high and quick releases, ball placement, coverage recognition, and throwing on the run, etc.. We will work with you on how to be a QB on and off the field. We teach you how to handle speaking with the media. We work with Little League players to Professional Athletes. King QB Academy's main objective is to educate and execute the fundamentals of "QB" to athletes so that they will excel at the position at a phenomenal level. King QB alumni are prepared to perform and compete with the best.

King Speed and Agility is one of the top programs to get your player faster by .32 in the forty or sixty. This program is for all sports. We will work on form running, quickness, and becoming more agile. We will breakdown every phase to get you better as an athlete. We will focus on Speed, Power, Strength, Transition, Acceleration, Speed endurance, Explosiveness, Velocity, maintain of speed, and finishing. We would like to educate our athletes on how to focus on how to perform in front of scouts and general managers.

We have partner with Texas Elite Sports Training located in Houston, Tx.